Our Mission

White Oak Wealth Partners was founded on the principle to always do what is right for our clients. This principle along with our shared team values of honesty, integrity, hard work and fellowship have kept us grounded and growing since 1988. Markets go up, and markets go down, the industry continues to evolve and change. However, we will always stay true to our roots.

We started our own independent firm, White Oak Wealth Partners because it is our mission to help people live a balanced and fulfilled life through smarter financial planning.

We strive for each client experience to be meaningful, there is so much more to planning than just making cash flow work or achieving certain rates of return. Yes, we are confident that we bring value by offering the most current financial strategies and solutions, but planning goes far deeper than the numbers on paper, we need to truly understand our clients goals, dreams and aspirations so that we can construct a custom designed plan that brings it all together.

In everything we do, we focus on three things, we call them our "3 Cs": Client Experience, Continual Improvement, and Communication

Client Experience

We have our clients in mind behind every decision we make, and always think outside the box with the things we do for our clients. That ranges from the strategies we design for their unique situation, to the personal touches we put on everything, all in our effort to "WOW" each of our clients.

Continual Improvement

One of the reasons we believe we’ve been so successful to this point both personally and professionally, is because of our incredibly high standards we have for ourselves and everyone we work with and surround ourselves with. These high standards mean a culture of continual improvement where we have an ongoing effort to always be better. You can see this in our processes, our offerings, and the value we provide. We are always scrutinizing them and trying to figure out how we can improve.


We believe that of all things that are important for a successful relationship, the most important is communication. Because of this, we put extra focus on our communication both internally and externally. Our intent is to error on the side of over-communicating. We try to always be proactive in our communications, whether with a client, within our team, or with other colleagues. We take pride in providing pertinent, timely, and meaningful information to our clients.